Why all women need to try Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced, therapeutic yoga focused on stretching the deeper ligaments,  fascia and connective tissues of the body. The postures are mostly passive, which are  mainly done by sitting or lying down on the floor.

Yin yoga is inspired by ancient Chinese Taoist practices. It is more feminine, like the moon which is why it is called yin, because it represents the passive feminine principle as  opposed to the active masculine principle, yang which can be found in vinyasa yoga.

yin yoga for women


The main purpose of yin yoga is to find stillness in each position. This invites the  practitioner to listen and receive, which is why it is an incredible practice for women,  especially those who live a busy, active yang lifestyle. It is also helpful for balancing  emotions, as this practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which can make  you feel calmer and more grounded. It also lowers stress levels, balances hormones, and  promotes self-care.

As you relax and let go into each posture, your heart will open and connect you more to  the feeling of self-love. Even when you feel a pose is difficult, you can go deeper into it by  using the power of your breath and release any emotions that have been stored in your  joints and ligaments. Yin yoga is highly meditative, and will allow you to cultivate inner  silence which can help you connect to your natural intuitive abilities and expand your  consciousness.

Yin Yoga for Women

It is such a magical practice for women (and men) because postures are usually held for  three to five minutes or more which allows you to deeply relax into the connective tissue  and fascia of the body.


Yin yoga is a beautiful practice for beginners to start with. It teaches you how to stay  present and how to use your breath as the moving force, while you stay still. It’s a bit like  meditation in a way. Yin yoga teaches you to listen to your body, and not go past your  limits. In a Yin Yoga class there can be simple postures, with many modifications that  allow you to use a bolster, pillow, or strap, which is why this yoga is perfect for beginners  and all levels.


If you want to know more about yin yoga we highly suggest you take a class at your  nearest yoga studio, or sign up for a yin yoga teacher training!

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Join our 50-hour yin yoga teacher training where you will learn all the yin yoga poses and  their variations, understand the anatomical and energetic benefits of each asana, as well  learn how to sequence flows for your own yin yoga class.

Getting your yin yoga certification will be a great addition, even if you are already a  certified yoga teacher

…because everyone needs some yin to balance their yang.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Ah, yoga nidra. The magical yoga also known as psychic sleep or ‘Buddha’s Sleep.’

Yoga nidra is an ancient and tantric yoga practice that allows you to consciously relax your  mind, body and spirit. In Sanskrit, nidra means sleep. It is a state of consciousness that is  between being awake and sleeping. It is completely guided as a meditation, with the  intention of not falling asleep, but being consciously relaxed in an almost dream-like state.

It is a journey into your subconscious realms for deep healing, finding inner strength,  clarity and relaxation.

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga nidra such as reduced stress and better  sleep. It also will bring you a psychological feeling of wholeness, as you connect to every  part of the body and your senses with complete and total awareness. It teaches you to  surrender and let go through deep relaxation. It is in this space between wakefulness and  sleeping where the body can be in its natural state of equilibrium.

What is Yoga Nidra?


Usually in a yoga nidra class, you are encouraged to lay comfortably on the ground on  your yoga mat, with blankets and bolsters if necessary. Basically you will be in shavasana  for 35-40 minutes. The instructor will help you relax deeply, as you settle into the pose.

At the beginning of the yoga nidra, you will be asked to set a sankalpa, your resolve, or  conscious intention. It is like a positive seed planted in your mind, that you continue to  nourish and grow each time you practice. It can be a short phrase or intentional goal,  such as “I will continue to eat healthier everyday,” or “I practice self-love.”

The instructor will guide you through a body scan, as they list different parts of the body  in order and ask you to bring your awareness to them. They will also make you aware of  your breathing, and guide you through different feelings and sensations.

It is possible to have a lot of visualisations in your mind, but also to feel complete peace  and non-attachment to anything coming up for you in your mind.

As you end the practice of yoga nidra, your instructor will bring you back into your body  and current awareness.

After that, you will definitely feel extremely relaxed and even a bit ‘high’ from the practice.

Do not worry if you fall asleep when practicing yoga nidra for the first time, as it happens  to many people whose bodies need deep rest.

Online Yoga Nidra


If this type of yoga interests you, and you would like to go deeper into the realms of your  subconscious, then you can join our 50 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. You will  experience the power lying within the unconscious and subconscious aspects of yourself.

Watch your life transform in this online yoga nidra teacher training as you plant seeds of  positive affirmations, and remove deeply rooted habits from your subconscious mind.

You will have lifelong access to this course and feel the confidence to share the beauty of  this magic ‘yogic sleep’ practice to others.