Using yoga as a healing therapy during difficult times

Struggling through hard circumstances is just a natural part of life, and it is not something to shy away from. However, this also means you can get hurt and suffer. Healing is a journey in itself, which is why a yoga teacher´s guide can be crucial.

This practice does a lot more than just help your body. Physical activity is important when it comes to taking care of your health for multiple reasons. Not only is it good to stay in good shape, but it is an essential component of your mental and emotional wellness.

Scientific studies have proven that yoga increases tolerance to pain, reduces blood pressure, and increases energy levels. This helps people to better deal with stress and depression, which are the most common emotions while facing complicated moments. Keep reading to discover other ways in which yoga can be a healing therapy.

You stay connected to reality

Deal with stress and depression

When facing hardships, concern is a natural reaction of the body to prepare yourself for possible future problems. But worrying in excess can be damaging since it ends up becoming anxiety over things that cannot be controlled.

Failing to ground your thoughts makes you disconnected from what is happening, and stops you from responding to the circumstances in the best possible way. Instead, you just react automatically- which may not be the best for improving the situation. 

Yoga, however, will help you focus on the present. The physicality involved in it helps to redirect the attention to the surroundings, and the breathing techniques are excellent for keeping rumination away. Even 30 minutes can have powerful effects on the rest of the day.

It is an easier way to meditate

Most people think meditation is complicated and something only monks do. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to practice it, and yoga is one of them. Even if you are only practicing asanas and following breathing techniques, you are already experiencing meditation in motion and increasing your mindfulness.

There are several benefits to this practice. Some people find it useful for relaxing and coping with stress, while others use it to focus and stay centered. Whatever the case, it is excellent for your emotional well-being. Some benefits, both physical and emotional, of meditation include:

  • Reduces negative feelings.
  • Lowers resting heart rate and resting blood pressure.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Increases tolerance and patience.

Overall, a well-rested body will have a better performance when facing difficult emotions. Good physical health is usually linked with good mental health. Even for people battling depression, meditation is highly recommended as a way to avoid focusing on negative thoughts. 

People battling depression

A consistent practice of yoga acts as a gateway to meditative states. It prepares the practitioner to be steady and comfortable for longer periods of time, which are prerequisites for seated meditation techniques.  

Helps you to connect with others

Humans are social beings, which means isolation is never a solution but a challenge. Finding a real connection can be hard, especially when you are hurt or struggling. Opening up to others can be embarrassing or scary.

But through yoga, you are already forming meaningful relationships with others-  be it with your instructor, students, or partners. Since yoga requires paying attention to things outside your head and being more fully present, it helps you develop more significant interactions with those surrounding you.

This is because yoga can relax you, increase your acceptance, and bring out positive energy. Under these favorable conditions, you can improve your communication with others free of the unwanted emotional baggage that would usually pull you down.

Don’t skip yoga when you don’t have time, or when you are going through tough times. These are specifically the times when you need the practice the most! Even a short daily yoga practice can greatly improve your mental state, and help you face the hardships in your life with more energy and enthusiasm, as well as explore a different point of view on your problems and how to solve them.

Using yoga as a healing therapy during difficult times

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