Why becoming a yoga teacher is good for you

The benefits of yoga as a wellness practice are extensively known. Therefore, it is widely recommended to people looking to increase their flexibility and muscle strength, reduce their stress levels, and improve their physical condition. What sometimes goes unnoticed is how everybody can get more than the health and fitness benefits from a yoga teacher training course. For many yoga practitioners, there is a natural progression that occurs after having practiced yoga consistently and committedly. Their passion for the practice gradually evolves into a curiosity about its inner workings. The curiosity leads them to seek out information and a community that may have answers and finally directs them into a yoga teacher training course. 

Teaching is an enriching experience, not only because it comes with a lot of knowledge but also because it empowers the teachers to inspire and motivate people for life. While students grow from these interactions, teachers grow equally in their mental and spiritual development. 

If you have been curious and seeking the path of yoga, we welcome you to join us and become a yoga teacher at Sampoorna Yoga Academy, where we will help you become the best version of yourself. Read on to know some more benefits you can notice once you start instructing others..

Deeper understanding of yoga

As a casual practitioner, you may not be fully aware of everything yoga encompasses. However, a yoga teacher needs in-depth knowledge of how to design yoga sequences, how to ensure an injury-free practice, how the body and its major systems work among other topics. A yoga teacher also needs to know the history and origin of yoga, of the various asanas, and yogic philosophy in general.

This is why a course or certification is considered necessary; simply knowing how to do a movement does not mean someone is ready to help others in their own journey. Each student has their own unique physical and mental abilities and limitations. Finding the best way to help and teach each of them enables a yoga teacher to be creative and adaptive. By guiding them through the simplest yoga poses, instructors deepen their understanding of different poses, what they can look like in different bodies and how to modify them when needed. 

Mental and spiritual development

Better relationships with others

Better relationships with others

The best instructors are not always the ones that know more, but instead, the ones that know how to listen, understand and adapt themselves to every circumstance. Once your lessons go beyond a simple class and seek to offer your students a meaningful experience from which they can grow, you will notice more growth and evolution in your daily life too. 

Interacting on a day-to-day basis with yoga practitioners from various walks of life will help you become more tolerant and accepting of those surrounding you. You will fully be able to appreciate and respect any differences and have more loving relationships. That being said, having good, meaningful relationships is never as easy as it sounds, and a yoga teacher will face challenges like anyone else. However, cherishing every person’s flaws and virtues will make it easier for you to define who is important in your life and enjoy their presence, no matter the circumstances.

Your quality of life improves

Every day is filled with challenges and stressful situations that can make it hard to enjoy life truly. And even though the practice of yoga offers the tools to focus on what you are loving instead of what you may be losing, becoming a yoga instructor takes it one step further by rooting you deeply in the lifestyle and philosophy of yoga. 

When your mindfulness increases, every experience can enrich your life, no matter if it is positive or negative. Instead of just reacting to your surroundings, you can decide what to do in each moment- and walk towards the life you want to achieve, instead of being dragged around by the circumstances.

Life improves not only because of your attitude, but also because of your new skill. Not only can you lead a healthier life as a professional yoga teacher, but also be independent and choose your own work schedule! Although teaching itself and helping people live better lives is very rewarding, it is undeniable that having the freedom of time and financial freedom can help you be more available to the things and people you truly love.

Lifestyle and philosophy of yoga

When you can decide how to spend your time, the option to work towards your well-being and a better quality of life will be available.Starting on a new path may sound daunting, but with the right guidance, anyone can gain the tools, resources and confidence to succeed. This is the time to change your life! Take action and contact us now to start your new yoga teacher training journey.